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What you need to know.


We currently run a 3 night raid week that is 3 hours each night and consists of tues,wed, and thurs. Raid hours are 7:30pm-10:30pm EST.

About: Nidhögg is a guild that consists of experienced raiders that have been together for the last few years. We transfered our guild to the Cho'Gall server from Uldaman and we are looking to fill a few CORE raiding spots to continue our progression. Our Guild consists of all ADULTS that have jobs and some of us have kids. We play this game for what it is, a game and with that in mind we all enjoy raiding and make it as fun as possible while still pushing progression.

BWD: 6/6 Heroic 25man
BoT 2/5 Heroic 25man
Firelands: 7/7 25man
Firelands Heroic: 6/7 25man
Dragon Soul: 8/8 25man
DS Heroic: 5/8



Guild Accomplishments

Classic WoW: Raiding guild for 8 months, Cleared MC, AQ20, ZG, Onyxia.
Guild Leader: Citizen (Now known as Tezcatlipoca)

The Burning Crusade: Top 2% US raiding Guild (WowJutsu) Pre-nerf, All content 
cleared except Muru/KJ, Top 1.5% US Raiding Guilds post-nerf, All conetent cleared,
#3 guild on Area52, #2 horde guild on Area 52, Guild Leader: Blarkless/Tezcatlipoca/Troubluid

The Wrath of Lich King: 11/12 HardModes with Drakes in 25 man, 
12/12 Hadmodes with Drakes in 10 man. Guild Leader: Blarkless/Tezcatlipoca

The Cataclysm: 12/13 ... 7/7 Fireland normal, 6/7 25 man Heroic, 8/8normal DS (2/8HM DS) (current)

Mist oF Pandaria: coming soon

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